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Building Green, Sustainable Healthy Homes in North Georgia well as home improvements, interiors, basements, renovations, barns and outbuildings, solar features and more! When it comes to conscientious design and building innovation, look to LVS for all your construction, office and home improvements needs!


LVS has been involved in custom homes building, renovation, site planning and custom homes development for more than thirty years. LVS has changed with the times and realizes like the rest of you that we have to protect and preserve our natural resources. We make every effort to put into action whatever steps we can that will effect that change.


LVS brings a personal, customer oriented approach to building in North Georgia. Our design services help you make the most of your home plan while our progressive construction techniques and use of environmentally conscious materials create an efficient home, beautiful in appearance but also conscientious in design.


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The Future of Energy


Solar power is a cost effective, reliable energy source that can provide energy independence, eliminate electric bills, and increase property value.


Solar is Affordable


To better afford solar businesses can take advantage of tax credits, both state and federal, secure attractive financing and use the depreciation  to reach the "breakeven" point quickly.  In many cases that point can be 2-4 years.  That is a very attractive ROI.  For more information call us or talk to your tax adviser.  Remember after 'breakeven' your operating costs are less. Money not spent goes directly to the bottom line.


Generating your own clean power can significantly lower or eliminate your monthly electricity bill and provide a hedge against future rate increases. State and federal programs are making it easier, with incentives and lower interest rates for homeowners. READ MORE »


See more examples of solar power in use on our Current Projects page.




For a list of state and federal rebate programs, visit:



Custom Horse Barn in North Georgia


We've just completed our latest custom horse barn project, located in Cumming, Georgia.


This three-stall custom horse barn complete with seperate feed and tack rooms and special stall drainage features will appeal to the most avid of horse enthusiasts!

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We can easily add sustainable solar  features to your custom home or renovation.


Conscientious Design:Just as our design services create homes which appeal to the eye, these Sustainable Building techniques and Green products are Earth-friendly.


The result:  Energy Efficient, Healthy
Homes that save on utility costs and natural resources; and which are low maintenance and long lasting. READ MORE »