"This is a heartfelt, sincere recommendation for Larry Stouffer of LVS Green Builders;
He truly made our dreams come true..."

"Because the barns at houses we considered buying were in such poor shape, we ultimately decided to build a barn to our speciļ¬cations at the house we ultimately bought. I searched the web, interviewed over half a dozen builders (some of national prominence), received bids in a wide range of prices (and lists of what builders could not or would not do); but only one stood out - Larry Stouffer at LVS Green Builders.

He located the barn in the spot that would have the least impact on the surrounding forest, he considered the Georgia summer heat and how to minimize the effect on the horses, and he managed to include all the items I wanted in a barn. His knowledge of building is phenomenal ( if you research how barns should be built, Larry far exceeds the speciļ¬cations); he is reliable, considerate, hands on.

Not a day went by that he was not personally involved in the construction. And, most importantly, he is honest. He will consider what you want and advise you if it is not a good choice structurally - but, ultimately, he allows you to make the decision. He will treat you in a professional manner and never belittle any ideas you have. He is not just the builder - he is the architect, the planner, the liaison between the what you want and what is feasible, and he is the best person you could get to build your barn."

- Camm and Judith Ann Swift

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